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Saturday, September 25, 2010

random fun

ark avilon zoo

Sunday, May 30, 2010

i took home AKSHAY KUMAR

lately, i really really started craving again for indian food, thanks to some of my co-bloggers' food posts :P and so i decided to look for indian restaurants in manila. i know of kashmir (my jamil told me about it and i have seen it couple of times while in makati) and of course places like jaipur, (bollywood in greenbelt is no more :( )but those are too far from me. plus, I DONT HAVE A DATE! THANKS JAMIL :p so i googled indian restaurants in manila and there've been a lot of references about u.n. avenue. i knew i had to go there soon.
coincidentally, i needed a new digital camera and i found a seller who offers cheapest in manila. so great luck for me. i'll be hitting 2 birds in one trip :)

i ate at assad cafe cuz there aint any other restaurants there :p
& bought some stuff at little india

their lassi sucks.. made my throat itch cuz the mixture isnt properly done

chapati is ok

chicken masala is more of a chicken tandoori poured with masala.. but i aint complainin..
it was my man who taught me to eat indian/pakistani food and just like a man, i didnt stop eating until i can breathe no more.. hahahah..

the prices in case you wanna visit
i also took home chicken biryani cuz i wanna make the most of my trip. my dad also likes biryani
and aloo gobhi for my wania..
and keema too (which ended in the garbage as i forgot about it so the maid had to throw it out :p)

the ladoo that never reached home..
this i got from little india. i tasted it & it's not freshly made! i threw it out on the way home

also at little india, near the counter, i saw BOLLYWOOD MOVIES.. automatically i looked for my beloved shah rukh khan, but his movies are sold out..
didnt see anything i fancy so i took home the second best.. akshay kumar.. blue :P

out and about in the arcade

Thursday, May 27, 2010

brag blog: precious moments

playing.. (tania's first time on the walker too!)

youtubin.. watching pororo...


how cute is that!

brag blog: tania's first time in the big person's pool

with her gramps

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

brag blog: wania among the flowers