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Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

my gift to all you sisters!

a chance to appreciate johnny depp's hotness for a few seconds.

copy these images in your computer if you must!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

just acquired

mamy poko diapers for my daughters. from their daddy.

7 packs large-sized mamy poko pants for girls
2 packs small-sized diapers
5 packs medium-sized medium diapers
that's what my list says and it's exactly what he got his daughters. mabuti naman.

the box where it came from.

so mommies, IOU mamy poko reviews. give me a few days it will be up.

meanwhile, what can you share about your baby's mamy poko experience?

Monday, December 21, 2009

in FOCUS: EQ Dry in new packaging

mommies! look at the new eq dry with magic tape!

of course the magic tape aint the first thing you'll notice. the super cute colors that gave these nappies are just irresistible. purple and blue for small-sized diapers.

this is how it looks when spread it open.

my reliable vandol ointment as barrier ointment to prevent diaper rash.
and when from time to time my babies' bottom develops something of a teeny-weeny irritation, i use quadriderm cream that i got from thailand waaaay back.

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so down to business. my review on these nappies. now our family have long been a user of eq dry back from the days when i's only an eager auntie changing my niece's diapers.

the price is ok. not too expensive.

the most that we like about it however is that my niece's bottoms didnt react on this diaper and i must tell you she is a baby who was always getting nappy rashes. when we started using eq dry for her though, her allergic reaction to nappies were tapered.

absorption is great either. and it really is cloth-like. baby's bottoms still get sweaty from time to time, but not as much as with oither diapers.

and so tested and tried, when i finally had a baby of my own, i didnt hesitated to hoard eq dry from the beginning. my brother in law delivered as much as 8 packs of small, medium, large and extra large sized diapers at our home.

downside of these nappies i soon realized is the sticky tape used to secure the diapers in place. when you've just given baby a massage, your oily or creamy hands will most probably come into contact w the plastic band and when it's time to put on the diaper, you'll realize the stick tape wont stick to the band because of the oil. i have wasted dozens of diapers this way..

now coming on to the feaitured product, EQ DRY WITH MAGIC TAPE, the problem i mentioned above is no longer an issue. w magic tape, you can re-adjust the diapers without having to always wash your hands to make sure you wont mess the sticky tape.

great isn't it.

so for mommies looking out for a new brand of nappies for their babies, try the new eq dry and tell me what colors are for the medium, large and extra large-sized diapers are!


my youngest looking at me while i's doing all these shots. soo adorable.

and so the drama is cutoff

i forgot to tell you sisses.. the drama that went on below.. well it was only a drama then after all.

it was true. the woman (old woman) jehana really is just a family friend (who's their mom's age).

neena, the sis-in-law called (while laughing terribly) told me so.

and so she asked me not to be jealous cuz jehana is like our mama. lol.

oh well. embarassed? me? soooooooooo not. told them all-- what kind of person would pick up another person's mobile phone anyway? my answer the old kind. lol.

Friday, December 18, 2009

the move

i decided to separate my makeup blog from my mommyhood blog cuz some makeup fanatics dont care about my mommyhood and some mommies don't give a damn about makeup :d

sisses, mommies, feel free to comment. i love y'all/.