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Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

my gift to all you sisters!

a chance to appreciate johnny depp's hotness for a few seconds.

copy these images in your computer if you must!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

just acquired

mamy poko diapers for my daughters. from their daddy.

7 packs large-sized mamy poko pants for girls
2 packs small-sized diapers
5 packs medium-sized medium diapers
that's what my list says and it's exactly what he got his daughters. mabuti naman.

the box where it came from.

so mommies, IOU mamy poko reviews. give me a few days it will be up.

meanwhile, what can you share about your baby's mamy poko experience?

Monday, December 21, 2009

in FOCUS: EQ Dry in new packaging

mommies! look at the new eq dry with magic tape!

of course the magic tape aint the first thing you'll notice. the super cute colors that gave these nappies are just irresistible. purple and blue for small-sized diapers.

this is how it looks when spread it open.

my reliable vandol ointment as barrier ointment to prevent diaper rash.
and when from time to time my babies' bottom develops something of a teeny-weeny irritation, i use quadriderm cream that i got from thailand waaaay back.

Align Center

so down to business. my review on these nappies. now our family have long been a user of eq dry back from the days when i's only an eager auntie changing my niece's diapers.

the price is ok. not too expensive.

the most that we like about it however is that my niece's bottoms didnt react on this diaper and i must tell you she is a baby who was always getting nappy rashes. when we started using eq dry for her though, her allergic reaction to nappies were tapered.

absorption is great either. and it really is cloth-like. baby's bottoms still get sweaty from time to time, but not as much as with oither diapers.

and so tested and tried, when i finally had a baby of my own, i didnt hesitated to hoard eq dry from the beginning. my brother in law delivered as much as 8 packs of small, medium, large and extra large sized diapers at our home.

downside of these nappies i soon realized is the sticky tape used to secure the diapers in place. when you've just given baby a massage, your oily or creamy hands will most probably come into contact w the plastic band and when it's time to put on the diaper, you'll realize the stick tape wont stick to the band because of the oil. i have wasted dozens of diapers this way..

now coming on to the feaitured product, EQ DRY WITH MAGIC TAPE, the problem i mentioned above is no longer an issue. w magic tape, you can re-adjust the diapers without having to always wash your hands to make sure you wont mess the sticky tape.

great isn't it.

so for mommies looking out for a new brand of nappies for their babies, try the new eq dry and tell me what colors are for the medium, large and extra large-sized diapers are!


my youngest looking at me while i's doing all these shots. soo adorable.

and so the drama is cutoff

i forgot to tell you sisses.. the drama that went on below.. well it was only a drama then after all.

it was true. the woman (old woman) jehana really is just a family friend (who's their mom's age).

neena, the sis-in-law called (while laughing terribly) told me so.

and so she asked me not to be jealous cuz jehana is like our mama. lol.

oh well. embarassed? me? soooooooooo not. told them all-- what kind of person would pick up another person's mobile phone anyway? my answer the old kind. lol.

Friday, December 18, 2009

the move

i decided to separate my makeup blog from my mommyhood blog cuz some makeup fanatics dont care about my mommyhood and some mommies don't give a damn about makeup :d

sisses, mommies, feel free to comment. i love y'all/.

Monday, September 21, 2009

im nesting!

i'm nesting! in exactly a week's time (if the schedule we set will be followed) i will be giving birth to another baby girl. i'm so excited. i think this time i'm an expert in baby prep having had to do all these just last year for my first-born. here are the things i've done so far:

cleaned the cabinets extra carefully. i'm very particular with cleanliness especially now that i'm a mom and the ayah is instructed to clean my baby's cabinet regularly and carefully. but i decided to do another cleanup for my newborn. i did it myself to make sure it's done meticulously.
this mahogany wardrobe will be shared by my little girls. it's 6 ft by 6 ft by 2 ft. hopefully it will last until they're in pre-school. then maybe i'd have to buy another one for them cuz i know if they have A LOT of clothes now, they'll have MORE as they grow. (they're daddy's wardrobe is maybe 7 times that big. yes. he's obsessed with clothes.)

these are my first-born's clothes in the drawers. arranged as best as we can. her latest hobby is to pick clothes every so often and ask me or the ayah to put it on her :D

these are their going-out clothes. the upper rack is for bunso and lower rack is for ate.

my panganay has A LOT more clothes in the laundry by the way. i don't know how i accumulated that much clothes for her in such short a time but oh well. her little sister will all get it anyway. i don't mind making my bunso wear my panganay's clothes since most of the clothes are still very new and presentable.

my newborn baby's clothes are all ironed to make sure it's sterile. from the laundry woman's hands, to the hampers and cabinet, everything has been sterilized. notice also that the door is tied. it's to make sure my makulit na panganay won't play with her little sister's clothes just like she does with her own wardrobe.

these are my few stocks of drugstore essentials:
- paracetamol for their immunizations
- vandol ointment as barrier ointment
- anti-mosquito wipes
- kool fever for emergency fever bouts
- pedialyte for emergency diarrhoea
- vmv grandma minnie oil's well
- alcohol for cleaning
- extra avent teats
- johnson's baby milk lotion
- johnson's baby oil
- cotton buds
- polyvisol drops & immuzinc drops which i'm only finishing until i give her (my panganay) another vitamin syrup
- johnson's top to toe wash, lactacyd, aveeno for newborn bathing
- johnson's baby shampoo (of which my first-born is allergic)

these are the bottle cleansers that i hoarded. i know i wouldn't have shopping time for a while so i thought i better buy a lot to make sure my daughters won't run out. i used to buy only pigeon and i still have some left maybe from last year's hoarding. then i decided to save money and buy a cheaper brand from the supermarket since it claims it's also a vegan cleanser. i didnt like it's smell so i went back to pigeon. better expensive than something unsafe for my kids. then the maker of cycles baby laundry detergent emailed me about this cradle bottle cleanser. so the last time i went shopping i decided to get it. it's a bit cheaper than pigeon and it's philippine-made. my only worry is that i bought a lot but have never tested it. i hope it's good. otherwise it will end up as our dish cleanser yet again like what happened with the cheap supermarket brand that i bought.

i love the scent of cycles baby laundry detergent. to save i decided to buy perla white like other mommies use for their kids clothes and then just finish off the laundry with a good fabric softener. but i haven't the heart to change my babies' detergent. i think i'll keep using cycles for until my bunso is 2.

before my eldest was born, i asked my brother-in-law to go shopping and i specifically told him to get me pigeon baby wipes. he can't find it and decided to get johnson's baby softwipes (the pink ones). i used it anyway. at first i find the scent too strong, so when i ran out i bought lots of pigeon wipes. i then found out why johnson's call their baby wipes "soft wipes". my daughter's bottom didn't like pigeon. it's too rough for her. so pigeon wipes ended up in the dashboard for months and i bought more johnson's. only downside of johnson's soft wipes is that it's very hard to find. one time my daughter's only got about 3 packs so i's panicking at the grocery store. then i saw this nivea which claimed to be soft also. i bought it and found out i like the scent of the dark blue one. plus it's almost as soft as johnson's softwipes. the light blue nivea baby wipes though smells like a teenage girl's cologne in my opinion. plus it's more expensive than the dark blue ones. the babyfit wipes, i thought it's smooth but it's not. good thing i bought it when my daughter is almost a year old and not so sensitive anymore. im not buying it again. the johnson's blue wipes, i'll be using for the first-time for my bunso. it says it's unscented so i bet it will be OK for newborn use. (early days of my panganay i only use cotton and water for bottom washing.) but this johnson's blue wipes i think is a lot less allergenic than the pink ones.

diapers diapers. for my newborn i've decided to let her use eq dry exclusively just like her ate and their ate cousin. actually until my first-born started using large diapers, she's exclusively on eq dry as well. it's not the most expensive brand, BUT it's been tried and tested by my niece's bottom. never have my first-born had any diaper rash. then she became malikot so i had to find a way to put on her diapers easily while outside. i tried huggies pull-ups. it sucks. it leaks and not suitable for malikot babies. then i tried mamy poko unicharm pull-ups. it leaks as well. those are the only 2 brands i can find that carry pull-ups in large size. and both stink. so as much as possible i avoid having my daughter use it. if she's not in the malikot mode outside, i still make her wear the conventional diapers. i ventured away from eq dry when my first-born keeps getting awakened at night and even during her daytime naps because of diaper leaks. so i tried using drypers cuz my mom said it's also good (wherever she heard that i don't know). but first day into using it my daughter developed a diaper rash. then followed on pampers active baby. the leaks were minimized but the diaper gets full in less than an hour. so i had to keep changing it and it's still not ideal for sleeptime wear. then i read something about huggies dry comfort, an expensive brand that claims to keep baby's bottom dry for up to 10 hours. yeah right. i change my baby's nappy every 2 hours, 4 hours max no matter what. but i thought it might be a solution for sleeptime wear. but no. it leaked as well. aaaaaaargh.. mamy poko i've been using on-off and it still also leaks. i like its dry feel on my baby's bottom, but it's not enough for me. i want a fool-proof solution. then a couple weeks back as i decided to hoard diapers (without having any idea what to get) a GUY sales clerk in sm baby company went on bragging that pro-kids diapers is very good for sleep time. so having had tried several brands and getting disappointed all the time, i thought there's no harm in giving pro-kids diapers a shot. i just bought 1 big pack of large cuz i dont wanna end up having to put up with lots of mediocre brands like i always had to do because of my hoarding tendencies. i gotta say, i'm impressed with pro-kids. its packaging i dont really like and it's one of the reasons i never paid attention to it before then, BUT now i've learned not to judge a diaper by its packaging. prokids seldom leaked, it gives total dryness on my baby's bottom more than huggies dry comfort ever did (when my daughter is using panties over huggies dry comfort, her bottom sweats!) and i'm saving money. so now i'm very happy with pro-kids. i still have a lot of extra large pampers active and extra large eq dry and large huggies pull-ups for going out and lots of mamy poko from her daddy, but i'll just use it all up and stick to pro-kids :D

here are the suitcases i'll use as hospital bags. i'll show an inside look when i'm finished packing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

ang sarap maging ako

my life. im not mayaman. im not super maganda. i dont hava career (for 2 years now). im not a genius in any field or a champion of any skills or sports.

but when i look at my daughter.. haaaay ang ganda ganda nya. she's very bright. very healthy. so sweet to mommy. soooooo cute and loving and (demanding) and (heavy) and (matakaw) haha. im sooo in love.

ang sarap maging ako. nanay ni jamila.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

tha title...

make yourself is tha title i've decided for my blog. i love most of tha songs by incubus because i can relate to it.

this song, MAKE YOURSELF is supposedly made especially for cancer patients that incubus are helping (or so i believe). i dedicate this to myself and to all those peeps who need to pick up their lives and fight..

tha song goes.. (and im typing it cuz all that i can find online are shitty wrong..)

if i hadnt made me, would've been made somehow
if i hadnt assembled myself id've fallen apart by now
if i hadnt made me, i'd be more inclined to bow
powers that be would've swallowed me up but that's more than i can allow

if u let em make u, they'll make u papier mache
at a distance ur stronger until tha wind comes then u crumble and blow away
if u let em fuck u, there will be no foreplay
rest assured they'll screw u complete so ur ass is blue and grey

u should make amends w u.. if only for better health..better health
but if really want to live.. why not try and make urself.. make urself...

if i hadnt made me id've fallen apart by
i wouldnt let make me.. it's more than i can allow
so when i make me i wont be papier mache
and i fuck me i'll fuck me in my own way (many many times over haha)
u should make amends w u, if only for better health.. better health..
but if u really want to live, why not try and make urself...
make urself.. make urself.. make urself.. make urself..

there whew! i always loved listening to that song because it rings all tha reality that i must face and brave once more. i will make it why not? i just need to get started.

which reminds me of a character i read in one of laila lalami's books. i forgot her name but she's an abused wife. a 29-year old woman who looks a lot older because of poverty and physical drudgery imposed on her by her husband a drunk.. there was a scene she saw in one of the posters in their poverty-stricken rabat and it goes "do something for your future-TODAY". that made her brave (and risk) an illegal emigration to spagna to form a new life for herself and her children, away from the abusive husband. they failed. the guardia civil along tha shores caught them and they were deported back to morroco. she went back to her pathetic existence. but tha point is, she tried, SHE TRIED. she failed but she's still alive.

there's nothing wrong w trying or w failing. life goes on.