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Monday, May 3, 2010

the little scholar

fixed my tots study corner...

charts are fromnational bookstore at 25pesos each
beaded case handmade by my good friend lyza
sanrio pad bought fromjapan by her great-aunt

alphabet learning centre gifted by my good friend sunshine
winnie the pooh color sorter bought from jeddah by her grandpa
shape sorter bought foor 450pesos from an sm convention

table is from toy kingdom and im sure it's approximately 3,500pesos (sorry got this for her 1st bday)

chair at 800pesos from toy kingdom

storage box for some books at 800pesos from toy kingdom

and here's wania playing with her bratz laptop. got if for approximately 6,000pesos from toy kingdom too.

how's your kids' study area organized and what do you have?


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